Thursday, January 7, 2016

‘Mahamaham Seva’ appeals ancestral roots to visit Dakshin Bharat Kumbhmela

Shri Sthanumaalyan, Kshetra Pracharak, Shri P M Nagarajan, VHP Organizer (TN)
Mahamaham known to be the Kumbh Mela festival in South, held once in every 12 years at Kumbakonam.  Kumbhkonam (the holy city named after Kumbh or pot which settled after the great ‘pralaya’ that covered the Earth with water.  The pot contained seeds of all life forms).  It is believed that on this day all nine sacred rivers converge in the nine wells in Temple Tank.  Festival deities of the holy city, pilgrimages, and saints take a holy dip in the Theerthavari to ward off evil influences.
This year Mahamaham festival is celebrated from 13th of February 2016 to 20th of February, 2016.
Every Year Vishwa Hindu Parishad serves the pilgrimages in an organized manner.  This year too, ‘Mahamaha Seva’ has been initiated by Vishwa Hindu Parishad with a Committee formed by a small group of 21 people.  Nearly one million pilgrims are expected to attend. 
A planning meeting was organized by ‘Mahamam Seva’ Organizers to chalk out the various activities to be served in.  The following are the activities that are initially planned:
1.     Annadhaanam
2.     Medical service
3.     Drinking water
4.     Helpline/Communication/Information Centre
5.     Cleaning/Health Centre
6.     Cultural Programmes
7.     Accommodation
8.     Service Centres
9.     Spiritual Exhibition from February 16th
10.  Spiritual Conference on February 20
A meeting was held in Chennai to call upon the people having ancestral roots in  Thanjavur, Thiruvarur and Nagapatinam districts.  Chozhanadu, the hub of culture and civilization; and speaking on the greatness and history of Mahamaham, Shri Stanhumaalayan, Kshetra Pracharak (Zonal Organizer, RSS) called upon to serve, volunteer and visit the ancestral place during Mahamaham. 
Shri P M Nagarajan, Organizer Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Tamilnadu elaborated the above service activities planned and called upon for more volunteers to work in a phased manner.
Shri Srinivasan, Karyalaya Pramuk appealed to involve more participation in the event and make it a successful one.  A FB page ‘Mahamaham Seva’ has been opened for updating the information. Volunteers are requested to register in the page. 

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