Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bharat Saints showed the way to social harmony, Shri T S Ravikumar at Erode RSS Route March

In Erode, 1069 RSS swayamsevaks participated in Pathasanchalan (Route March) today.  Shri T S Ravikumar, Prant Boudhik Pramuk addressed the gathering. In his address, he stated that RSS route march is not allowed for the past six years by the Police and State Government.  After a big legal fight, we got permission to conduct this march.  Remembering the 153rd Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, he recalled how Swami Ji roared in Chicago as a great Hindu Monk.  Citing various examples on how a Hindu is not a religion but a way of life, he also reminded the great Saint Shri Ramanujar who showed the way to the world on social harmony thousand years before.  He also highlighted on how Sangh is serving the downtrodden as envisioned by Dr. Ambedkar. Kshetra (Zonal) Seva Pramuk Shri Padmakumar, Prant Karyavah (State Secretary) Shri Sambamurthy, Prant Pracharak (State Organizer) Shri P M Ravikumar and other Prant Adhikaris were present.  

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