Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sad News: Senior Swayamsevak passed away, RSS condoles

Sri R N Venkatraman

Shri R.N.Venkatraman (77 years), a senior Swayamsevak who was associated with the work of Vivekananda Rock Memorial work right from its inception till date, reached the lotus feet of the Almighty on 29.10.2013. 

He hailed from Karaikudi (Tamil Nadu) and after finishing his studies was Prachark for few years in Madurai. He worked with Shri Eknath Ranade in close quarters in the work of building of Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kannyakumari. He was in charge of the Central Office of Vivekananda Kendra at Triplicane till his retirement.
He continued his association with Vivekananda Rock Memorial Committee and Vivekananda Kendra till his last breath by holding the responsibility of Executive Committee Member. He not only was one among the small team which was instrumental in forming of the Vivekananda Educational Society right from its formation, but continued to contribute his might for the growth of the Society. He was the treasurer of Vivekananda Educational Society. After his retirement from Vivekananda Kendra he was the Pranta Karyalaya Pramukh of Tamil Nadu for some years. After that he looked after the work of various trust activities of Sangh.
His dedication for the work was of the highest order and he worked till his passing
away in spite of various constraints. He leaves behind his wife with 3 daughters and one son.

Sangh adhikaris have expressed their deep condolences on the sudden demise of R N Venkatraman Ji. Akhil Bharatiya Sah Sarkaryawah Dattatreya Hosabale expressed his shock and in his statement said, ‘Venkatraman Ji was an ardent swayamsevak.  My deep condolence.  Pray the Lord to bestow sadgati on the departed soul.’

‘A great soul. Committed Swayamsevak.  He surrendered his life at the feet of Bharath Matha. Pray for his Moksha’ stated Sri A R Mohanan, Dakshin Kshetra Samparka Pramuk.

His eyes were donated.


  1. He was a
    true Karma Yogi who dedicated his life for well being of the society.May his Atma attain Moksha.

  2. Akhil Bhartiya Grahak Panchayat,Tamil NaduOctober 29, 2013 at 1:20 PM

    The sudden demise of Sri.Venkatraman Ji is shocking.Bharath Matha lost one of her good son.Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Vivekananda Educational Society will always remind us about the great architect who worked tiredlessly for the growth of the society.We convey our deep condolences to his family members,relatives and friends.We pray to Lord to bestow Sadgati to his soul.

    Akhil Bhartiya Grahak Panchayat,
    Tamil Madu.

  3. The most shocking news of recent times to me is the sudden demise of Sri.R.N.V ji. It makes me more sick as I am away from the country now.I am struggling to find words to express my grief and loss.I personally availed his help, guidance and blessings right from the starting of the Charitable Trust Sevabharathi Tamilnadu.It is an irrepairable loss to all swayamsevaks like me.

    He is in the list whom the God loves most and R.N.V.ji attained His Lotus feet, I am sure .All SevaBharathi karyakathas joining with me in mourning his demise.

    We pray The Almighty to give to his family the strengh to withstand this great loss.

    Sevabharathi Tamilnadu
    (presently in US on personal visit)

  4. The most shocking news of recent times to me is the sudden demise of Sri.R.N.Venkataraman ji. He was helped many peoples, he guide to al of us for Trust work, he is God.

  5. I dnt knw anythng abt him ...
    Bt its really very sad news......

  6. I know Shri.Venkatraman closely. He was one of the senior karyakartha of Mambalam Prabhat shaka when I joined in 1965. He was a staunch swayamsevak. He was so simple & easy to move with. Guided new swayamsevak's like me. May his soul attain peace. My heartfelt condolences to his family.