Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sacrifice, Peace and Prosperity leads the whole world, says Mohan Bhagawat

RSS Sarsanghachalak Dr. Mohan Ji Bhagawat hoisted the National Flag at R L Institute of Nautical Science, Madurai, Tamilnadu today.  

The excerpts of his speech:
‘I am so happy to be here on this 67th Independence Day Celebrations.  I thank all of you who have given me this opportunity.  Our Nation is an old nation, we face so many ups and downs in our national life. It is not only a celebration, but we also have to remember the past and present of our national life.  We have to remember the people who have sacrificed their life for the freedom of our country.  Freedom is essential for the life.  Human beings are enjoying the independence and for getting independence we lost everything.
Saffron is the topmost colour in our national flag, it is well known to all of us.  It denotes sacrifice or thyaga, green for prosperity, white for peace and the dharma chakra is also there. 
We must not react in violent way for anything.  We have to run the country even when little inconveniences occur.  We should think of the past, and these three qualities of sacrifice, peace and prosperity.  This is the need of the future of our country.  Our forefathers worked for the freedom for this prosperous future and we have to guide the whole world.’
In memory and on the occasion of 150th year of Vivekananda celebrations, Mohan Ji presented a Vivekananda statue to the President of the College Sri R Lakshmipathy. 

Dr.Manmohan Vaidya Akhil Bharatheeya Prachar Pramuk hoisted the National Flag at RSS Karyalaya, Jhandewala, Delhi.

National Flag was hoisted at RSS Chennai Karyalaya at Chetpet, Chennai today. Sri Padmakumar, Kshetra Seva Pramukh hoisted the National flag. Immediately Bharatha Matha Pooja was held. Sri Veerabagu, Editor of Vijaya Bharatham weekly, delivered speech about Freedom Fighters and partition.


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  1. ' Saffron ' is the top most color in our National flag - P P Sir Sangh Chalak has clearly stated that it is Saffron where as DInamalar in its report in Tamil has mentioned it as Orange. Just rang Shri Ramesh Kumar , Chief Editor , Madurai D Malar and informed him the error. He has promised to undo it. I wish we should be more vigilant in not allowing this kind of even small errors. Courtesy and respect are different, but an error should not be left uninformed.