Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Angered Hindus in all major towns in the state observed peaceful bandh

Brutal murder of Hindu Munnani state Secretary Sri Vellaiyappan at Vellore, has sent shock waves among devout Hindus.  Hindu Munnani had called for a Bandh to mark the protest of such killings.  Bandh was observed at various districts of Tamilnadu.  According to Sri Manohar, Chennai City Secretary, at 15 places nearly 1000 persons were arrested (Beach station 150, Vadapalani 250, Porur-100, Retteri-50, Purasaiwalkam-60, Thiruvotriyur-45, Manali-25….etc) to mark the protest demo.  Total Bandh is observed in Vellore district. Shops were closed in Kanyakumari, Tiruppur, Coimbatore, Hosur, Krishnagiri and many other districts.  In Puduchery, 150 volunteers participated in protest demo and arrested.  Motcha deepam was also lit in various temples. 

Smt.Vanathi Srinivasan (BJP) in a protest at Vadapalani

Motcham deepam lit by devotees

(Details awaited)


  1. How is it that only Hindu activists are being killed and not Islamists and Crosstians who are disturbing the peace in the country? Why is the administration indifferent to the killings of Hindus? Hindus must understand the nefarious designs of the anti-Hindu parties and unitedly demand immediate arrest of all the criminals involved in all the killings? Were any arrests made in previous killings of Hindu activists? Kindly publish the details. We must ensure that the criminals do not go scot-free.

  2. Hindus have been deprived of their Human Rights. They are murdered, women killed, raped or lured away. Hindu communities deported from their own ancestral lands like Sindh, Swat, Kashmir, Assam, ManiPur etc.. Their temples, Mandirs, Mutts, Yaatraas attacked by non Hindu terrorists. Therefore, every Hindu needs to be vigilent, active and be like ChhatraPati Shivaji or Guru GovindSingh and fight for Hindu Dharma !!