Monday, October 22, 2012

Appeal to CM-The Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011 and Packaged Commodities (Regulations) Rules 1975- Implementation Reg.

 Press Release :-

The Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011 and Packaged Commodities (Regulations) Rules 1975- Implementation Reg.  

AKHIL BHARATHEEYA GRAHAK PANCHAYAT (ABGP), functions since 1974 and is a Registered (S/9194, Delhi) All India Consumer Movement.  ABGP is now having its branches in 30 states with 486 consumers awakening centre in 153 districts. ABGP submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister's Special Cell and to The Principal Secretary, Labour and Employment,Government Of Tamil Nadu in person on Oct 22,2012 and acknowledgements" received. Memorandum sent by post to Hon'ble Minister For Labour.

As per the Packaged Commodities (Regulations) Rules 1975, all packaged commodities must have details of the date of manufacturing, maximum retail price (MRP), name and address of the manufacturer, weight, date of expiry in case of eatable items, customer care number of the manufacturer, etc.

In  the  case  of  soft  drinks, packed  food  items and  the other eatable  items  like bread   and biscuits, the  manufacturing  date  and  expire  date  were  needed  to be known  whether  these  were  safe  for  consumption.

In the package wrapper of various commodities sold at  Chennai and other places of Tamil Nadu , in violation of  The  Packaged Commodities (Regulations) Rules 1975,  they  do  not  contain  all  the  details  such  as  date  of  manufacturing /packing, maximum  retail  price (MRP), Name  and  address  of  the  manufacturer, weights, date  of  expiry  in  case  of  eatable  items, customer care  number of  the manufactures. In  most  of  the  cases  several  packaged  commodities  were  without  this  statutory  information - only  the  detail  of  Name  and  address  of  the manufacturer  with price  are  given.
In  certain  areas  of Chennai  like  Koyambedu  Bus  stand,  cinema  theatres  etc., a  large  number  of shop keepers  are  selling  packaged  food  items,  soft  drinks  and even news papers over  and  above  the  MRP.
ABGP-All  India  Consumer Movement  appeals  to Honourable  Chief Minister Of Tamil nadu  for  stringent  enforcement  of  the  Packaged  Commodities (Regulations) Rules and to  take  suitable  action  to  see  that  The  Legal Metrology  (Packaged Commodities) Rules 2011, Packaged Commodities  (Regulations)  Rules 1975 and  Laws  relating to Weights  and  Measures  are  implemented  by  a  single  agency,  perhaps  even  an  exclusive  one  to ensure  sustained  action in this area. 

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