Second International Yoga Day celebrations in Tamilnadu

Yoga, a holistic way of life, leads to the union of body, mind, intellect and soul.  This balanced lifestyle tuned with nature as envisaged by Sages like Maharishi Patanjali was espoused by scores of Yogacharyas.  The proclamation by the 69th General Assembly of United Nations to observe June 21st of every year as the International Yoga Day gives countless cheers and immense pride to all the Bharatiyas, people of Bharatiya origin and millions of Yoga practioners across the globe.
Second successive year of International Yoga Day was celebrated across the world in a grand way.  In Tamilnadu too, various yoga events commemorating Yoga Day were held.
Concentrating from one Sankhya, Swayamsevaks across Tamilnadu organized Yoga events in Shakas, Schools, and Colleges and at various establishments.  Thousands from young ones including women participated enthusiastically.  

RSS Sah Sarkaryavah Shri Dattatreya Hosabale participated in the International Yoga Day at Lucknow.

(Some more updates awaited)


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  1. My joy beginning with at the look of Swayam Sevak in Half-pant with
    always smile and while doing YOGA their mind is in the service of Bharat Matha and through her the entire universal. Sarve Suhinoh bhavando.

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