RSS has no role in 'Mathurobhagan' issue

Subhashini Ali, the former MP and the former member of National Commission for Women has dragged RSS into the ‘Mathurobhagan’ controversy.  Local RSS have already cleared that it has no role in whatsoever the issue is. 

Here is the Press release made by Shri Manmohan Vaidya, All India Media Relations: 

Press Release
The RSS has already made it unequivocally clear that it has no role whatsoever in the issue that led Shri Perumal Murugan to withdraw his book from the market. However some persons like Smt. Subhashini Ali continue to drag the name of the RSS into the issue with an ulterior motive to tarnish its name, which is quite deplorable. We earnestly hope that better wisdom will prevail and they would desist from such nefarious activities immediately, failing the RSS would be constrained to consider other course of action.
Dr. Manmohan Vaidya,
All India Media Relations.

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