Great Message from unexpected quarters

Statement from the leader K.Veeramani, Dravida Kazhagam (translated version)

Tamil Nadu and other southern states of India are highly cultured and civilized. Due to the wrong approaches of political parties, the situation has turned out to be such that we conceit ourselves as better developed in various fields compared to the north Indians. At the same time, if either a political leader or some executive of the political party happens to meet others in some functions like marriage, reception, and even a memorial service, we do not greet each other with courtesy. Thosekind basic courtesies have disappeared and this is something to be grieved and ashamed off. 

Leaders, Take a look at the North India.

Today, the situation has come wherein we have to learn from North Indians. 

In parliament, however harshly the political party leader or member of the parliament or ministers argue with each other, while entering thecentral hall parliament, they enter with their hand on other's shoulder expressing such cultured friendly gesture in a very casual and usual over there. But in Tamil Nadu? To change this situation here, all parties' leaders must cooperate. 

What is happening in Tamil Nadu?

During the gathering in the legislative assembly, when a party person greets the other party personnel, the courtesy greeting with a smile is not reciprocated. 

By chance, if two different party leaders happen to travel by the same flight or train, to avoid the meeting and conversations, they run and close their cabin doors, immediately. Moreover, before even the train halts, they jump down and rush to their cars and close the door. Such incidents are so resentful. 

Can’t we wish each other at least on Birthdays?

The bitter reality is that this situation arose after the birth of the Dravidian Organization. This we have to accept with pain. 

Whatever be the varied principles, difference of opinion, hatred between parties, sending birthday wishes or wishing them in person, developing love for mankind and this culture will reduce or eradicate the hatred among the volunteers. The world knows the love and nature of our yesteryear leaders (we could even write a book about it).

Prime Minister - Mr. Modi meeting and greeting Mr. Lalu Prasad and Mr. Mulayam Singh, yesterday (22.02.2015). A picture has been published in many newspapers. 

On a Marriage Occasion at Saifai in U.P.

The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi spent happy hours in the marriage function of Shri Lalu Prasad’s daughter with the grandson of Shri Mulayam Singh, who are his political rivals. This is a good gesture which is ought to be appreciated and followed. 

After the election, the chief minister of Delhi, Shri. Kejriwal, met the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Modi. In Prime Minister's house, Shri .Modi suggested his own physician for Shri. Kejriwal to get some treatment in order to get relieved from cough and asthmatic issues. This vividly exhibits his nature and kindness. 

I have good association with many North Indian political leaders and they talk to others without any gloat. 

It is only in Tamil Nadu, this unpleasant hatred disease has been spread for the past 30 years. We do not want to blame anyone and add pain to the already wounded. 

Raising Tamilians at the world level.

In our country, let us (temporarily) fend off the differences in parties and principles of our parties, mingle with everyone and celebrate and wish each other on special occasions with love and kind. 

By doing such good things, the leaders and office bearers of any partymay uplift the Tamilians status at world level and we request that this change in the approach is necessary to also uplift the Dravidians.

K. Veeramani.

Dravida Kazhagam

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