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A brave daughter of Madurai

Here is the story of a brave daughter of Madurai, Tamilnadu: Dr. Kalyani Gomathinayagam is a young Indian doctor who volunteered to spend four weeks in Foya, Liberia (West Africa) during September-October, 2014, helping those suffering and dying of Ebola, the awful epidemic. She was one of the few doctors, and likely the only Indian, who had volunteered to work in that region. Kalyani is no stranger to practising medicine in rough situations. After her medical training in Madurai, and working in rural Kerala, she opted to spend a decade working as a medical officer with the Indo-Tibetan Border Police at extremely isolated regions on the border, including remote places in Jammu and Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, as well as a stint, once, on the Kailas-Mansarovar yatra route at Kunji Post. “The most heartening news is that for the past one month they have not recorded any new case coming from Foya. There are some cases in the periphery -- in other districts. On the whole I think the community has really participated a lot in bringing the epidemic under control in Foya. That’s a good sign.” Rediff.com interviewed her extensively. 

Tamilnadu youth shine at national fora

Two sets of Tamilnadu students made a mark on two different national events last month. One: The team of four college students (Annapoorni, Keerthana, Madhuvargana and Sri Krishna) stood first in the national quiz competition held during the Sixth World Ayurveda Conference in New Delhi. These four are the students of Sri Jayendra Ayurveda College, Chennai. Two: Priyadarshini, Surya Gayathri and Pooja Srisai, students of Smt.Kasturba Nimchand Shah, P.Muthyalu Chetty Vivekananda Vidyalaya Perambur Chennai, wrote in Samskrit and were honoured for that. They received cash prize and certificates from the hands of central HRD Minister Smriti Zrani on November 14. They had contributed in the Samskrit essay competition conducted for CBSE schools by Govt. of India to popularize the concept of Swatch Bharat. 

A couple of eminent Hindu voices
Two well-known gentlemen made listeners sit up and listen when they spoke pure Hindutva. One was Sri Vigneswaran, Northern Province Chief Minister, Sri Lanka. While addressing the world Hindu conference in Delhi on November 21, he said, “Even after the war was over in 2009, the agony of countless Hindus in Sri Lanka has not come to an end.” That is, in the surcharged Hindu atmosphere, he referred to his people as “Hindus” instead of “Tamils”. The other is Swami Sukhabodhananda, the disciple of Swami Chinmayananda and top management Guru said in an interview to Vijayabharatham, Tamil weekly, “Hindu consolidation is the need of the hour. It does not brook any delay.” He said it is bad that Hindu Sadhus are systematically targeted by the Muslim-Christian dominated media. 

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