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ISIS and Tamilnadu—a spine chilling connection
Two college students from Chennai, who went missing, were reportedly drafted as jihadis by the ISIS early this year to wage a war against the Shia-led government in Iraq. The Government is reportedly in the process of bringing the students back home. The two college students are reportedly under the influence of Haja Fakkurudeen Usman Ali and Gul Mohamed Maracachi Maraicar, both natives of Tamilnadu. These two Singapore based operatives first met in Cuddalore in 2007 because of their jihadi leanings.
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Now, Chennai a base camp for Jihadis?

When the milk of human kindness flowed..

“It was the year 1984 I was just 12. Just then the news came that my father, riding a cycle, was run over by an unidentified car. Even while my father was writing in pain at the roadside, a lady Jayalakshmi by name acted quickly and admitted my father in a nursing home. She waited till my family reached the hospital. She refused to accept auto-rickshaw charges that he offered. Had she not acted promptly we would have lost our father. Incidentally, Jayalakshmi who saved my father’s life was deaf and dumb. From that year onwards, our family spends the whole day with deaf and dumb destitute in their asylums, on special occasions like Birthdays, anniversaries etc.” (Smt. Visalakshi, the AIADMK Mayor, Tiruppur Municipal Corporation in an interview to Mangaiyar Malar, the women’s Tamil monthly).

Police official who ill-treated Sangh Adhikaris is in trouble

Alwar is in deep trouble. Who is Alwar? He is the Deputy Superintendent of Police who behaved rudely with Sangh Adhikaris. A writ plea had been made in the Madras High Court to take action against Annamalai Alwar, DSP, Devipattinam in Ramanathapuram district for ill-treating and detaining about 200 volunteers of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on June 14. Justice B Rajendran, before whom the writ petition from M Selvalingam Virudhunagar Sanghachalak of RSS, came up for hearing on July 3, was adjourned the matter by a week. The Sanghachalak had appealed to the Court to conduct a neutral enquiry and initiate criminal as well as departmental action against the Alwar. According to petitioner, the executive meeting of the RSS (Pranth Baithak of Dakshin Tamilnadu) was held for two days from June 14 at Ramakrishna Mandapam in Devipattinam. The Government Pleader, through a letter dated July 3, to the DGP and others, has asked Alwar to be present before him with relevant records, parawise remarks and suitable instructions immediately.

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